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Dirndl (traditional Trachten-dress for women and girls): the alluring Dirndl (pronounced DEERN-dul – well, not exactly, but it’ll work for non-German speakers!) usually comprises three basic parts:

  • Dirndlbluse: a puffed-sleeve half-blouse, most commonly white.

  • Dirndlschürze (apron): tradition dictates that where the apron bow is tied is actually important! Tied on the left means ledig, or single/available; tied on the right means either verheiratet (married), or simply vergeben (taken); tied in the middle of the back most often indicates the wearer is a Kellnerin, or waitress, but can also mean verwitwet (widowed). And the last one, tied in the middle-front…well, we’ll let you look that one up…

  • Dirndlkleid (dress): worn either as one piece, or with separate bodice and skirt. Colors. embroidery, etc. vary widely per taste and budget, from simple and traditional (in accordance with the Dirndl’s roots as farmer/peasant-girl attire) to fanciful, elegant – and often pricey – fashions.

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